The city of Chicago has been integral to the development of the video game industry from its very inception. To honor that history, CVGLS 2016 will feature a Chicago Video Game Showcase! Attendees will be able to play a selection of Chicago-made games from past and present, and learn about Chicago’s enduring and evolving status as a platform for video game development.


Gerald Kelley

Battle Chef Brigade

Tom Eastman, Trinket Studios

Boot Hill Bounties

Dave Welch, Experimental Gamer Studios

Brighter Day

Princess, The Loneliest Pixel


Important Little Games

Dark Presence

Galloping Ghosts Productions


Anthony C. Wojnar / WojWorks

Manifold Garden

William Chyr, William Chyr Studio


Buddy Cops, LLC


Game Changer Studio Design Lab

Sausage Sports Club

Chris Wade

Tango Paradise

Andy Saia

Telepath Tactics

Sinister Design

We are Chicago

Culture Shock Games, LLC

Games Organizations

Bit Bash

Chicago Loot Drop

IGDA Chicago

I Need Diverse Games

Sugar Gamers

VGA Gallery


Stay tuned — more games to come!

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